9 Amazing Paid iPhone And iPad Apps Available to Download : IOS

9. Hearing Aid Pro

Use Your iPhone as a high quality hearing aid with customizable settings. Hearing Aid Pro implements sophisticated audiology algorithms to solve your complex hearing needs.

These algorithms were exclusive to expensive hearing aid devices before, but now they are available in an affordable mobile application for You!


  • High Frequency Point: frequency setting for several audio features.
  • Amplify Highs: increases the volume of high frequency sounds.
  • Shift Highs to Mids: frequency compression. Shifts the high frequencies to the audible range.
  • Shift Consonants to Mids: frequency compression for consonants and transient sounds only. Shifts the high frequency transients to the audible range.
  • Reduce Noise: intelligent noise reducer. It learns the current environmental noise when it’s turned on, then reduces noises for the entire audio spectrum.
  • Balance: left/right balance.
    Volume: increases volume with a sophisticated limiter algorithm, to prevent distortion even at high levels.


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