9 Amazing Paid iPhone And iPad Apps Available to Download : IOS

2. Pluto Camera

Pluto – creates a cool effect by bending the image in a circular direction to create interesting patterns and funny caricature selfies. You can see some of the examples in the Appstore Images above.

This effect created by the app is commonly called the Tiny Planet effect which is usually used for Panoramas. We have made changes to the algorithms to make the work well for any kind of image especially to create cool looking selfies.

Powerful Controls:

We have provided a lot of powerful controls to manipulate the image to your satisfaction and let your creativity go crazy.

1) Zoom
2) Twister
3) Bulge
4) Rotate
5) Invert ( moves between Tiny Planet and Tunnel effect )

Featured functions:

  • Create tiny planet or Tunnel with awesome speed.
  • Share and View others Plutos on the app itself.
  • Live preview camera (WYSIWYG) let you capture your view in realtime.
  • Front Facing camera support.
  • Flash Support
  • Built-in controls gives you fine control over your edits to get the optimal effect.
  • Optimized controls for Selfies.


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