19 Amazing iPhone Hidden iOS 11 Tips You Need to Know : IOS

4. Create PDFs from Webpages4

If you see a page online you want to save or share and you’d rather not use something smart like Evernote or OneNote, make it into a PDF, which can be annotated. When you’re on the page in Safari, click the share button (the box with the arrow sticking out the top). On the bottom row of icons that pops up, swipe left until you see Create PDF. (Click the More button to re-order the icons so Create PDF comes up first if you plan to use it regularly.)

Once rendered, you’ll see a little marker icon at the top—tap it to access the annotation tools (the same as you find for annotating a screengrab, right down to the Signature option, which is very handy for PDFs). When you’re done, click Save File To, and you’ll get the option to save to locations in the new Files app, which access all your cloud storage services.

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