19 Amazing iPhone Hidden iOS 11 Tips You Need to Know : IOS

15. Effects for Live Photos


Live Photos get a few new tricks of its own: Long Exposure (for getting streaks of light or motion blur from something moving); Bounce (where the motion goes back and forth, back and forth, like Instagram’s Boomerang); and Loop (a constant replay over and over, like Vine).

To add these effects, open a Live Photo in the Photos app and swipe up on the photo. There, you’ll see the Effects menu, where you can pick Loop, Bounce, or Long Exposure. Tap to add the effect.

If you send a Bounce or Loop via the Mail app, iOS converts it into an animated GIF for the recipient. (Why you can’t just turn them into GIFs period is a secret held by Cupertino.)

You can also trim the ends on the video clip associated with each Live Photo. When you view one, click Edit and there’s a scrubber at the bottom to take you back and forth in the video. Drag in from each side of the scrubber to set new start/stop points. Better yet, pick a new key frame with this tool, meaning that the photo at the “center” of the Live Photo no longer becomes the focus, which is handy if the best part of the Live Photo was milliseconds before or after you snapped the shutter.

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