19 Amazing iPhone Hidden iOS 11 Tips You Need to Know : IOS

19 Amazing iPhone Hidden iOS 11 Tips You Need to Know : IOS

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If you’ve stuck with iOS through the years, you know that each new iteration brings a slew of incredible new features.

Apple’s iOS 11 has been rolling out to devices since Sept. 19 and so far, so good. Even if version 11.0.1 is already here, there have not been any iOS 8.0.1-level headaches thus far.

The new mobile OS works with iPhone 5s and higher, iPad mini 2 and up, and the 6th-gen iPod touch. The shift to 64-bit apps means the 2012 iPhone 5, the 4th-generation iPad, or the 2013 iPhone 5c have to remain on iOS 10.

You’re not going to get any major speed out of those older models; Apple and its developers write code to suite newer devices with faster processors. But at least most iOS devices have this upgrade option; no Android-level fragmentation here.

What are you waiting for? Go to Settings > General > Software Update on your iDevice of choice right now. If the update is available to you, it’ll show up there and you can get started with the download. It only took about 30 minutes, even on an old iPhone 6, so expect even better install time with newer iPhones. Once it’s installed, check out the list below for the hidden features you will want to master.

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